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 We are joined by Sean Torpey from Torpey Hurley's to discuss their long journey behind the creation of the GAA's first bamboo hurl. We also hear a fascinating inside into their long-standing very successful family business (




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Hello and welcome back to play, predict calm. I am today we're joined by. Well, firstly, I'll rephrase it, the phrase the clash of the ash is one of the most well known sporting terms and today I have the person who's, who wants to ruin all that. I'm only joking with you. You've probably heard the last while Sean Toby from I was absolutely wonderful new idea and revitalized, I suppose the hardened industry but he's product launch. Bamboo hurl. And, and but also the very successful business at the back of that as well. So I'm delighted to grab Sean, he's very busy, busy man. And you've been left, right and center. I've seen your brand, your your face is being everywhere. So firstly, thank you very much for joining us.



No problem. No problem. Yeah. Delighted to be here. And just, yeah, happy to take you know, these these opportunities in their eyes, you know?



Well, firstly, before we mentioned the war of ash versus bamboo, etc, I'd like to probably get to know a bit more because as I said, you have a very successful family business there as well. It's been an employer folder, at one I believe, was under all sorts of long standing industry.



Yeah, so my grandfather started the tradition of hoarding in the family back in the 1930s. And then my father would have seen him when he was growing up, I never got advice from him on how to make for this at that time, my dad was growing up. And I suppose that my dad into dad was always interested in earnings when he was younger man, and then he let your dad into. We were farmers here, basically, majority of the time until about 1981. Rainy Days and decided, look, I'm going to start something else as well and start making business. And from then on, we were doing great took a big and big step forward. And Claire have a great team and it's here and in 95 made that breakthrough. Large empires us are already at the time. And from then on again. So just keep kept rolling over years. And we've always tried to or at a time to make sure that the product matches the name that we put on our on our hoodies. And because I think that's very important. It's alright to make a few of these and but how would you make consistently 1000s of parties all at a time. And that's been a big driver for my father over the years, and how to how to make a consistent product out of essentially what is a very material like ash, you know what I mean? And that's been the, I suppose a major challenge over the years. And it's been great, don't get me wrong. We've had a great journey to all the years and hopefully we'll continue to have a great journey. We're not stopping making effort easy, you know, that's not the that's not what the last two days have been about. We're just I suppose at s&p Look, there is something else there. And if you want to try it, and you like it great, if you don't get to we can provide you with equity. You know,



I have to confess I'm from big ball and I'm from North Galway, the traditional home of Galway, football, etc, etc. So the only hurdles we would have seen if someone's trying to rob a place or something like that. So I've always been fascinated by the the scale, I think, yeah, I heard you describe your father as a master craftsman is always fascinated fascinates me the level of degree and then from speaking to young players and coaches and whatnot. Everybody has their own particular kind of niche or their own exact way they wanted it, it really is a fine art as well. That must be something you must be so proud as well, from you talked about your pasta and the family trees. And it's something you've probably studied in detail as well, I'd imagine.



Yeah, like, I suppose that doesn't happen over overnight. And my father, my father, his experience, probably from the holidays came from a long time of and you know, of mentioning that or making Hardee's as a player and then decide, okay, I'm actually good enough for this. Now, I can go and do something for other people, you know, and so probably there was 20 years of a lead into him even starting the business. And over the years, I had this business myself now, I'd say, you know, 12 and 13 years of age, I was over here when I was 10. I remember sitting at the table and Brian law and David sisters, and you know, PJ O'Connor at our kitchen tables the night before monster finance, if that doesn't give you a passion for this industry, not in can, you know, at that time to harden was just sold, all enthralling, and these were heroes sitting at my table, you know, and, and that really gave me the love for the industry. And obviously, I would have seen the effort My father was my father had gone to huge efforts to satisfy players across many years of all levels. It doesn't, you know, sure, we love looking after john conlan. And, you know, Tony Kenny, these type of players great, you know, I suppose one thing My father always distinguished was, he never made much of a difference between any player really if you could, and, and yeah, some players he would advise them so far already, they should be using. They might know why he did that. You know, he would just say take that one that's really good for you. And, you know, actually I spoke to somebody there in the last few days. Another, another journalist and that farmer herder and he paid a quite high level. And he, he was saying, you know, he took already from my father and my daughters like that, that to get better and get better which are which are being and he took that early wage and never used to give it away to a guy and he scored loads of points with it and he was he was nearly willing to buy it back from Europe later after another four or five months. So just in little anecdotes I don't think any other industry has you know, and I we're not the only ones with many other great holidaymakers around the country that have similar stories and that you know, that's that's that's the nature of the industry you're in and in one way you know, it can be challenging getting getting ash, good quality ash from the root of ash trees consistently and and meet matching that better players case can be very, very challenging. There's very few product industries, I believe, have that challenge. And because an iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone for everybody. And that's the that's the difference. I think we're with our industry, but it's, it's brilliant, because everything else you work on, is everything you work on is really worth the time



since straightaway, even from your facial expressions and enormous pride in the product. It's not just a sporting instruments, their, you know, piece of sporting equipment, there's a lot of more, I suppose grace soul, and everything else that goes into it. It's it's fascinating to see that behind the scenes kind of, it's not just like mass production, where you've you've set, you know, your soul to code, 20 meters, or whatever the distance is, in a certain way. And Bang, bang, bang, there's a lot more personalization and love really going into each one isn't there?



Yeah, look, I suppose. And we don't make it out of hurries. There's no, there's no getting away from that we are a business at the end of the day. But like, it's what gets what gets me out of bed in the morning anyway, is, look, there's a natural material like ash, how do I get 90% or 95% consistency across that material when every one of them is different. So many players will use our horizon, okay, delight, different widths and sizes and whatever. But generally, the finish of every one of our earnings will be pretty close back to balance all at a time in terms of shape terms to handle size, even though the branding and the stamping and just the look of the already very important for a pair of appears and comfortable across the white line with that already. And then that's going to be you know, that's gonna be a challenge for them. And also we understand that if you break one early, the next one, it has to be the same. It's it doesn't it you know, it doesn't it goes without saying it just has to be the same as especially now with intercounty players where they you know that I suppose the exposure to media is brilliant for intercounty players. But pressure. And pressure is a big thing now for a lot of players in the last number of years, and we've always tried to work with players to take that pressure off of them, so that they can just simply go do the skills that they were born to do. We're not good enough without hurting myself. I play I played good adult senior hurling myself but never made any intercounty jersey, but we really feel like when I see Jamie Baron or when I see shots, I'm not a Limerick man. I'm not a war for men, but when I see them doing their magic I feel like I've contributed some way to that to that to that level of skill and the enjoyment that everybody else gets and that's nothing will give you that sense of feeling I don't even want to combine that that's why I particularly love working on what I'm asking you know that's



a repeat Okay, I can see I can I can see that from your facial expressions I can see it's not made up either it's just glowing glowing off you there and your own studies in as well believe you went to the UK for a while to further your studies that must have been an adventure was it was a fun explaining to some of the British people what I heard was like it was not too akin to me in North Galway that is not for Robin shops or whatever



Yeah, look I suppose it would have been an element of that I would have been practicing pockets myself on bookkeepers I would have been practicing pockets on the rocky fields and a try the tractor tires at the other end of the field and try and put it over there or a row before spare and stuff like that. So it was it was an interesting time wasn't a decision I did lightly. I was full time in the business you're driving the business as much as I am no. And what I wanted to really understand the engineering aspects of what's going on behind are these we understood the craft we definitely understand the craft there's no problem with that but I want to understand what properties break and why is it break and what are the impacts? To check the check what are the forces that are involved you know, and and can we do anything by informing ourselves to to help that experience from a player because we know if the player base already enjoy and enjoy it, and they get some level of longevity out of it. They'll come back and that's what we've we've we've always found you know, and so I chose to go to law Free University and not Free University and as a sports Technology Institute it's it's renowned for sports product better Over the last 20 years and major brands like Adidas and Nike and Callaway, golf and you name it has been doing research in in Laufer University and I wanted to wanting to draw them through media as well as I wanted to understand I wanted to look at something else. That was partly because, you know, when you're looking inward all the time, and it kind of can be, you can maybe not see opportunities that are around you, you know, and I watch what is happening in other sports equipment that now maybe we can look at in different areas for Harley's and, you know, maybe even look at older products down the road, you don't know Bush, and we take one step at a time in that regard. Bush, you know, I suppose it was a really enjoyable time, I never thought I would, like, study so much Bush, for a few years, I couldn't keep my head out of the book. And and it led me then to get an opportunity to go and work with empty desks in our global headquarters in Germany, and also appeal manager, Indore. So obviously, the innovation team and it best in the human motorsport team, again, a very innovative section and pure, they are leading the field in Formula One.



fascinating experience. And, as you said, learning outside your initial scope as well. I mean, it must have been, it must have been that either the learning that you must have the experience that you must have developed from in in those environments must have been, must have been hugely satisfying, as well.



Yeah, and don't get me wrong, it was a great time. And, you know, I seen an awful lot of how how, how products are developed and taught and the iterations that go in and, you know, something that is, if it's going to be good, there has to be right in terms of numbers, it has to be nice, right, in terms of the data. And, and that gave me great insight into, you know, I suppose I didn't realize then that it will be helping me now really, I truly, if I'm honest with you, I didn't. And because that disease wasn't really an issue, even then, we know what needs to be talked about. And, and, you know, probably until these factors come together, that you realize, okay, there's something actually, you can contribute now. And that's, that's it, that's what has been the most enjoyable thing. And obviously, I've, I've linked in with some, some of my former colleagues as well, to get their input along the way, I haven't just gone and done it myself, we, my father has had a massive input into the new bamboo hardy project. And my father actually came to me with the material, you know, that is his 79 this year. So he's, you know, he's not a spring chicken. But he he's very innovative and his mind always trying new things, and painted a number of different designs of origins in the 90s, one of the first 40 makers to go abroad and source ash abroad, we went to the Netherlands in 1990. He couldn't speak at Iota, or, you know, and so, obstacles never never came in his way. And, and he came to me with the material in 2014. I said, Look, I might try and have a look at this. And, you know, it wasn't perfect at the time, we struggled few balls. And we found that, okay, actually, we can do something with this. This sounds right. And it feels right, we just need to look at it a little bit further now. And and that's where we started putting our thought processes in place in terms of iterations of design, looking at the stresses, looking at the forces looking at the mechanics. And, you know, that's where it's led to. So I can't take all the credit either in or around it. But yeah, it's, it's been what I feel is a little bit of a kind of a circular process. Since



I went back university, I can see that there's there's a lot of kind of stray roads being joined up together, there's a lot of different particles that you wouldn't necessarily put together seem to be joining there between your studies experience exposure, and then your father's genies. What was it initially? The I suppose the issues that you are the Harlow matters have in source and ash to kind of lead the force going abroad, he spoke about going abroad and trying to speak and I can imagine, ignore that.



That's a kind of a that's kind of a difficult question, because the answer to that would really be no. Okay. And you know, the ash probably isn't a massive problem right now. I would see I would see issues in terms of and consistency maybe now at the moment and and you know, what, look, we just we don't we're not going to wait until the last ash tree is in the is in the forest to start looking at things either. I think that will be crazy. But and I suppose you're talking about the project is we really wanted this project has been a long number of years in the process. One of the more most was sports innovative. I'll tell you apparently this thing is very innovative in terms of sports, right, because a lot of other sports products are made true. You know, I would I would regard not Friendly materials for the environment. And, and that would have been an easy option for us to, to look at. And to go with that and say, that's great. Now we can make a similar to a one for all God for whatever you want to think about. And but we kind of it's a combination of the player, the tradition of herding and and the material that has brought us together because if the player of inheriting isn't so particular, then we might have to create a harmony that can be adjusted over time. So like, if you buy a gospel, you're not you're not adjusting the gospel when you buy it. So you know, and that's the, that's the other side of this. And processes, players are kind of needing this naturally. And that's the cool thing about it as well. And then from a sustainability point of view, the fact that we're using a natural material was very important to myself, my father, we love being in the forest, like, I can describe your cup of tea in the forest, and you might as well be in the bog, you know what I mean? It's, it's the same level of satisfaction. And a lot of people know that and, but we, we just we wanted to create something that was very natural to, to the sport and very natural to the environment and to the tradition of already making because Are you making is going back? You know, we didn't we're not the only makers in the world, you know, and the sport of hurting has had organ makers for 1000s of years, you know, so we didn't, even though we have to try something new. And maybe I started by contributing to that a little bit. And, you know, what, we were okay for at the time, you know, I mean, that's, that's the nominal charge, but But we, we just wanted to maybe look at different things, broaden our horizons, we've always tried to be innovative here, if we if we can at all, and just not accept everything, the way it always has been. We try and investigate, we try and question if we can and, and even like the last 10 years, has seen a massive introduction of our development and under flipper and flipper nowadays, this I think is far superior than 10 or 15 years ago, you know, and but with that become conscious a few issues in terms of expertise. So what we found in the last week, we ran a study last year 1200 players to parent in the survey, and we had online last year, we call the degree of the party survey. And basically they told us that 81% of their herds were breaking along the middle of the story. So from the green or blender center, and generally hitting the ball, sometimes clashing, but generally hitting the ball. And and so this was one of the teams with this new product is we feel like I've never seen a breaking hitting the ball. So even in all of our repeatability tests that we've been doing in Northbridge university where we hope to harm your robot, it has, you know, hit hit a sliver 1000 times at you know, at high forces to understand what level does this breaker and we haven't yet actually broken it. So



from such a high percentage to to not waking someone at the moment, that's a big turnaround straightaway, isn't it?



Yeah. And now the Hollywood break, we're not saying that it's a break in the handle. If you're an aggressive player, and you're attacking in the wrong way, maybe



if I want to prove it, you're robbing a shop or something.



Yeah, so like you're going to, you know, it's called breaking the handle. But we do feel we do see that. No, it isn't very much either. In terms of our you know, it's just maybe different ways of tackling like if players coordinate already, the guys running and already open like that. And Ashley's gonna break in half, you know, I mean, that's the, that's what's going to happen there a lot of the time, or at least it will eventually. And so this already is the scene, but what we do feel like is that you're definitely hitting the ball. And splitting along the boss is something that may not occur as often anyway, you're not, and only time will tell, you know, we've done a savage amount of research and testing and player feedback, we've got into comedy feedback, you know, what, like, really, truly, you only know the success of something when the masses get us and, you know, give you the news and feels left, right and center. And players are, you know, different types of players different mentalities. You know, my father would always have an expression around, you know, the greatest of barriers that didn't reframe any hurdles. And he always said no, and that was because he always took your pain with our, with our mind, more and more so than with maybe emotion, you know, and, like, we just see a development and we were delayed in the orders have been absolutely flying in, I wouldn't have said in my wildest dreams that we have been, we would have been setting up what we've done in the last 24 hours. But and, you know, it's it's just gonna be over time we'll see how people react and we want to work with players because we do feel like this is a good material. And look, if it's something that you know, we have to review, the pricing of it is a little bit higher than a normal 30 it's almost double the price. But we will review that over time. If we feel that, you know, maybe our expectations are too high or maybe heavy on the other case. If we're not seeing, you know, at the end of day where we are in business, if we're not seeing the return of players, we have to deal with that as well. And you know, and these are all different things that we, we hope to take on board. And we've worked to clear so far with this project so closely that we're not going to stop now. And that's the, that's the idea behind it. And it was, that's my philosophy, I've always worked with players, no matter who they are getting their hands dirty, you know, I might like particularly a player chooses. For me, they're happy, and that's what they want to use. And the green is perfect. And it's met a very, very high standard. Okay, that's, that's okay, by me. And so there's that, I suppose that's just another type of information. You know,



it sounds like a fascinating journey. And even you've even educated me so much there in the last couple, even that last couple of answers there, it's even things that I wouldn't have thought of, you know, keeping value to the traditions of the game using the products. That's, you know, as you said, you, you could have gone with other alternatives that might not necessarily been as good for the environment, or, etc, or for the value was really off there. I suppose it is a skillful that you've passed on, and it's been passed down through your family there and various other families throughout throughout Ireland as well.



Yeah, I love the fact that I can go down and I can tailor this with hand tools. If I wanted to do care. Now, I wouldn't advise everybody do it, because it's taken me six years of work with this material. And, you know, we're happy for people to come back to us with a product if they want over time, and they want to be adjusted for them. You on the psychology of hurting performance means that, you know, you might, you might think you're hurt, resulting in spring, but sooner toss or so championship is common, you know, we're getting a little bit more pressurized, the training sessions are a little bit harder and more intense. And, you know, then, you know, oftentimes, payers come back to us anyway, would ask, Shawn, can you just take a slight bit off of that therapies, and we can do that with disharmony, which is great, because, again, that settles the player so that they are comfortable to perform. The one other major benefit of this tourney is consistency. So if you break, you're hurting three nights before another and it's gonna be fine. I would say that's a, that's an impact on the mind. Yeah, and, you know, even your number two, it might be your number two, but you don't want to break and three nights before then you'll probably be using that instead of using your favorite one in case you might break your favorite one. And so what we what we find very good about this is, you know, if a player once we've invested in high technology here to manufacturing product, so if a player wants the same team, and you know, in a give us a few months yet, now, you're in a in a in a rapid turnaround time, then we can provide that and that Hurley would have to see materials so and construction, so the feed and torture that Bernie would be the same as when you walk in. And so there's lots of different benefits. Global hurling party in Australia is totally different or hurting in, in Ireland. So you know, how wet or maybe ash doesn't like an awful lot of heat. And so we would see Claire's, you know, breaking a lot of batteries in, in these in order continents where the heat is a massive thing in America, the game is going global, we want to bring a product that's going to take over and consistently have to perform. So we're not. And everybody's getting the same chance to let their skill take over. So if you want to already as good as potentially an elite player who's using that already, you can get. And then it depends on no one's getting better. You can do what they do.



You can pick the horse to water, but you got to make a drink. Just in my own preparation have been fascinated by your story the last couple of days and just from putting the feelers out with some intercounty players that I would know. And straightaway, I suppose there's a small bit of some people are as we know, sports, people are very superstitious at the best of times. I think herders with the hurdles already even take that on another notch or two. And they particularly so people and straightaway, oh, I don't know, will it be the same feel as the ash? How will it react? There seems to be a bit of, I suppose, not resistance, but there's like they've been grown through particular players that towards the end of their careers where they've been used to the same thing all their life, is that going to be something you're going to have to adjust? I know you still have your own, you still have the options and you're not going away from that. How are you going to manage that? I suppose that's going to be a business challenge for you guys. Is it? Do you focus on the younger generation coming through? Or do you I know you've had people using it in the night? That's a juggling act as well you



believe in our in my testing with okay to count the players. I actually started with the most traditional players I felt that I had on my books first, possibly, and so that one in particular players would be would be john and john conlan. Is Lois is Ashley's. He absolutely adores his Ashford is he has a shed full of expertise that I'm sure he would not give away for and, and john has been also going up knowing the character at you know, 14 years of age. On was very, how would I say intent in in how he looked at things and you're just perfection, I suppose that's the route of perfection or looking for it, you know, and, and making sure everything was right, he had to be prepared. And so I went to john last November with him. And, and we went for a training session. And immediately I could see that he was at least willing to use it. And he was impressed with what we would come to him with. And, and he went away. And of course, you know, he did, he did a bit of an injury a few months ago. So, you know, you might be able to take part in coach after coming up. But, you know, by the time elite finished, that was his second favorite party, he was bringing that to games, right? So if he's bringing that to games, he's he doesn't know what the Hurley carrier is going to bring, bring him as soon as he breaks his party. So that's even for me is a leap of faith from players, because it's only natural that many players would want to use actually been using since they were six years of age. You know, you can, you can't expect to change everybody overnight. And I wouldn't want to change it. But it's just to, I suppose, as people look, give it a go, there is some performance benefits that we feel and you know, john, at some point, we'll record February. So this this has to come into action at some point, then you have the likes of Angus Clark has been using this for early archers, the nationally centerback for West meat. And since November, he's been using that Hurley, Shannon Mori, I gave him one in January, he believed he was using it the following weekend, already. So he, you



know, straightaway you positive signs.



I suppose the players will trust us as well. They're there, they know that, I suppose I like I like to think I look at performance, just naturally. I don't know why I do that. But that's just the way my makeup is. And they know that if if I'm asking them to try something that I'm not asking them just because I want to sell a product, or just we're just doing this to make it look like already but you know, Okay, back to, you know, what we always did. And, you know, it's something that we just put a lot of effort in, and we're always going to get resistance, there could be people there that we're not saying actually brilliant, you know, we really want to keep the traditions of the sport. You know, we also think that it's no harm to look at the future and be quite honest. I mean, I'm fairly impressed with the DA community in the last 24 hours, because I thought it would be a lot more kick back. And as well, you know, from that point of view, I think the gf supporters and the GA, in general, with the introduction of Hawkeye, with the introduction of new technologies within the sport, means that now players and people are far more accepting of looking at alternatives and evaluating them, are they good for me, or they're not. And that's simply what we're asking players to do. And if players do want a great fit, we're here to do that. And we do the same thing we've been doing for the last 40 odd years. And in that regard, you know, what, if there's one something different than they feel like they're getting a little bit more than that? That's what we've tried to do with it with the trophy,



and we



will absolutely and without, you know, you you're at an advantage as well, that it's not you're not somebody new into the sector, straightaway, you have the traditions of the business build up, and the name and the respect. And, you know, you've talked about so many, you know, big players being around your kitchen table before monster finals, and, and all of that as well. So you are you can tell from even talking about either the pride and the level of detail that you've put into this. It's obviously been a long journey, but six years I was at since you first



started really looking at in late 2014 after Tear Tear when you actually are maybe early 2014. And, you know, it's Yeah, it is long in Lahore, we haven't taken a step it up. You know, it's, as I say, if it wouldn't, if it's not right, for van orden, we are, we're not going to be selling. I mean, that is the bottom line. And and you know, we would, we would have to keep this back from the public for another, you know, however long I probably could have gone to Marrakesh and gone out to customers witness maybe two to three years ago. But we really wanted to look at the data that the testing was giving us get feedback from players. So I sent 12 of these parties. In 2018. There's a various levels in different continents, and obviously in Ireland, and, and then we asked them to partake in service. Once they did that. And 179 games and training sessions only 130 had broken. So you know, we're very, we're very happy with that return. And, you know, we want to make the best part of it, you know, going and look, this isn't going to probably be the end of some of the innovations that we want to do within earning as well. You know, we want to try and, you know, there's contrast those two, perform just fine margins a little bit more If they can, and we want to help them to do that, if you know even even a junior B level and, you know, that's all very important for players know that it's, it's something that fits into people's culture now that they want to do themselves justice all the time, and you're happy to look at these things, you know what I mean? So that's the I think that's a good part of it. You know,



I think the best parts so I think it was Richie McCormack from off the ball I did on Twitter yesterday, the grain margins, I think, was was probably one of the best ones. So So you've you've had such a long process from you know, and I can tell the amount of testing and the blood, sweat and tears and everything else in between as gone into this, and I can see your pride in it. Were you apprehensive then when the launch kind of happened? And how are things being sent for you guys?



Yeah, well, look, it's been crazy. The last 24 hours online store is absolutely exploded in that moment. And Twitter has been not. And you know, just in general, just to call it for for information age, we knew that, you know, Harlan is there is nothing more culturally significant, in my opinion to Ireland than part. And if you're wanting to do something, if you want to promote and do something as as different as what we've done, I don't think it's too different. But it is different. And you're going to get attention. And you're we're happy to get that attention and demand, it's all been positive. And as I say, we're only here to try and showcase it. People want to buy it great. If you want to go get it and try it out. Here we have a we have a test or we have a trading zone here, we're going to be set up here so players can come they can try the product before they buy it, for instance, because that is quite important for for herders, you know that they don't want to know how I can we don't need to do that, you know. And so we have that system in place here. Now, obviously, it's raining yesterday, and today quite a lot. So that's not quite easy to do that right now. But hopefully, there's good weather under underway in the next month or two as well. And you're we we welcome everybody here. And we were doing everything by an appointment based system at our, at our factory brand store here and just the multitude of COVID-19 you might need to staff and everything. And, but in general, the one major and like there's so many advantages to this product, sometimes I forget myself. But for instance, you know, if you're buying online, that would be a level of apprehension for players about buying parties online now we've changed that a good bit in the last few years. And we've put an awful lot of effort into ensuring our parties are very consistent going over the line many actually contained to one intercounty player and played in another and and final. And he never visited this factory or this or never spoke to me before he did anything he would have been buying online, you know, so we've really, that's a huge endorsement of, of our, I suppose, I suppose our consistency. And the great thing with this bamboo early is that we're bringing that consistency even higher. So you know, everybody gets the same. That's the that's the bottom line. But you can get the weights and balances to your tastes. And that's that's the cool thing you know,



and if people are interested like the bamboo is it firstly it's a it's a it's a brilliant name, I love the little bit of tweaking that you put on it there as well. But people out there that are listening and watching and they are interested in what's what's the best next steps for them.



So it's available on pre order at the moment we have quite a few orders in right now. So I would say you're on the air you're getting



more Europe 10s you haven't getting in your area and but it is a two week there is a two week manufacturing waiting period just to give us the time to ensure every every aspect of the hurt is right and before we send it out to you and you can get him on forward slash shop and you'll see the bamboo section there. There is also and you know quite a lot of information on on our web site. And there's a dedicated webpage here Toby Ortiz comm forward slash bamboo and you'll see some videos informative videos and we have one or two more yet to call me with with a lot of content created to again to just showcase what we've been doing and just let people know this isn't done on a prayer you know and that's sad.



Absolutely. We will share all the links out as well because I know a good bit of interest when people will see this electrical on their show on your phones understand to be sound like they're absolutely humping in the background there so before you get killed someone might go back to the stare at my tongue and cheek joke or someone using the rubber they might use it over your head if you don't get back to work that's in the orders.



They're so busy days is brilliant to be back hurting to see people happy and and see them you know really enjoying the experience of hoarding again bring it for you. Thank you



Brilliant. Firstly, I have to say even you've educated me so much has been fascinating. Listening to the last half an hour, so I've learned so much on repeat, I can see so much of the the growth and everything else and the pride that you have in having all your products, we wish you the very best of luck. And we'll share the links here as well people get in touch, hopefully we're talking about it's gonna be a strange feel having the all Ireland at the back end. But it could be even better. The winning goal might be scored by bamboo. That's the commentary lines will go global all around the world.



Look, we just we just see how it goes. Again, we're just going to learn naturally get this thing out there. If there's one use it they want to use if they don't want to go on. We're just here that all right.



My pleasure. And thank you so much. I'm very blessed.



All right. Thank you. Bye bye.

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