Tournament Fundraising mode is on the way!

Tournament Fundraising mode is on the way!

Think of a World Cup or Champions League format for predicting the winners of games in GAA, Premier League or League of Ireland. You battle your way to the final to be crowd the Predict King or Queen and win the sponsored prize.

We are working hard on a new format option for our donation games. Currently we have the options to have a weekly or monthly fundraisers that is decided by whoever is top of the prediction league at the competition end.

What does this mean for the Predictor?

When you enter you are put into a group stage for the first set of predictions then you need to qualify to get into the knock out stage where you will play a head-to-head predict-offs with other players who qualified from the groups stages.

This will add much more excitement to the gameplay. You the predictor do not have to do anything more than make your predictions and SAVE as normal each week. If you are in a position where you wont qualify by sticking with the bigger and more favoured teams it might be time to go for the underdog in a bid to getting through to the knockout stages.

What does this mean for the Club or charity fundraising?

It means you can set the competition to start once the quantity of entries is over a minimum number that you control. You can build towards getting a certain number of entries and then that competition can run off over a few weeks. The club can organise a big push before it begins and then you can enjoy the progression of the competition.


This new format can be used to build some real excitement within the club about fundraising.

How do I get this for my club?

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