What game types do iPredict have for fundraising right now???

What game types do iPredict have for fundraising right now???

iPredict Games

GAME 1: Prediction of the individual matches

Example: We have a live weekly Premier League fundraiser game with Coill Dubh from Kildare. This can be set up a monthly or season long league table.

(We also had a game for the Euro Championships in the summer of 2021 with Coill Dubh)

Below is a predictions gameweek and league table example:

GAME 2: Questions that will have a certain outcome over time.

Example: We had a GAA fundraiser game with Corofin GAA. The game involved predicting Provincial and All Ireland Winners for Ladies & Mens Gaelic Games in 2021 Gaelic Games Championships. There was also other tiebreaker predictions involving Golf, UFC, Formula 1 and the Olympics.


Below is the predictions and league table example:

We helped Corofin to promote the game by hosting a Zoom Show with some well known Corofin GAA personal. Gary Sice, Kevin O'Brien, Roisin Leonard, Tom Greaney and Fearghal Flannery made their iPredict GAA Predictions for the Corofin Gaelic Games Championship Prediction Game. You can see this content here: https://www.facebook.com/Corofingaa/posts/2071192683021623
Click image below to see the show:

How do people enter playipredict.com fundraiser competitions?

1 PAY WITH CARD on playipredict.com

2 NOMINATED SELLERS of the fundraiser game can sell entries directly to people. They take payment for the club in person (cash) or via Revolut and either send an entry link or can manually enter on their phone for predictors. We track who sell what and the nominated seller gives the funds directly to the club.

Allow people to represent their club at fundraiser level
We recommend is setting up a collaborative fundraiser game with other clubs. Your club can have a fundraiser with rival teams and if someone from your club can come 1st and win the fundraiser, your club gets a rewarded more of the funds to help propel your club financially. It makes the game more competitive on a different level with an Inter Club focus. Each predictor would have their club crest beside their names on the league table. It gives people a chance who maybe cannot represent the club in other ways their chance to do something for the club and receive the plaudits they deserve. We can track what club people join from and the club payouts will be related to the number of people that join per club.


We are focused on having a game where people will come back to playipredict.com and check how they are doing on the league table which creates a talking point between club members, increasing engagement. They follow the games they are predicting (GAA and Premier League for example) so it is easy to chat about what someone predicted or didnt predict.

Contact support@playipredict.com for information on starting a fundraiser game or reach out on social media.

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